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  Other Mistakes  
  Other mistakes that can happen during the filming include having the boom mike or crew members accidentally appearing in a shot or having a "dead body" move. In other words, things that cause reality to intrude upon the fantasy world that the show creators are trying to build. Here are the ones we've come across so far:
  1. During the crash scene in episode 281, you can clearly see that dummies were used in place of actors as the ute flipped over. Although seen only fleetingly, the figures on the back of the ute and the drivers seat are faceless fabric dummies. There is no one in the passenger's seat, though there should have been as one of the characters, Mark, was sitting there just before the ute flipped.

  2. A funny mistake occurs in the episode "Heroes and Villains", where Constable Newman is involved in a car chase with a teenager who had just committed an armed robbery. After the kid's car crashes off the deserted rural road and Tom pulls to a stop in the police car, look for the image of a blonde haired woman (presumably a crew member) reflected in the rear side window just before Tom opens the door.


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