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This page has been created to answer some of the more common questions that fans write to me with. I'll be adding to it as I think of more questions.

  1. How many episodes of "A Country Practice" were made?  

In it's entire 12-year run, 1058 hour-long episodes were made for Channel Seven (see the Pan Room). After that was cancelled in 1993, an additional 30 episodes were made for Channel 10 (see Morgue).


2. I was watching ACP and there was a big bush fire and then all of a sudden all of my favorite regular characters were gone...what happened?!?


The big bush fire that you witnessed was the bush fire that destroyed the hospital and ended the original Channel Seven ACP series. Chances are any episodes you saw after that were from the Channel 10 series -- most of the actors chose not to move to Melbourne to continue on in the new series and the producers chose to try minimize the effects of their loss by barely mentioning them at all. It's confusing to us because we who are watching the episodes now are seeing them every week day -- keep in mind that when they originally aired, there was a gap of several months between the airing of the final episode of the original series and the airing of the first episode of the second series (see Morgue for more info about the second series).


3. Do you have more information about [insert ACP actor's name here] and what they've been up to since they left ACP? Do you know where I can write to them?


I do have some information about what various cast members have been up to since "A Country Practice". I'm in the process of compiling this information into a biography page for each actor. Each page will include a fan mail address if I have one. Please be patient with me and wait until I've uploaded the information I have...I don't have the time right now to individually email this information upon request.


4. Do you have any pictures on this web site? Can you tell me where they all are?


There are quite a few pictures on this web site but they are not all collected in one place. I could tell you in great detail where all the pictures are but that wouldn't be any fun (for me, anyway). Besides, pictures are added, moved, and deleted all the time -- I would be spending so much time telling you where they were that I wouldn't have time for anything else. I can tell you that you'll find pictures in the Gilroy Wing, the Pan Room, the Duty Roster, and the Supply Room right now but pictures may crop up anywhere else on the web site at a moment's notice -- if you don't explore, you may miss some.


5. Are there discussion groups or chat rooms devoted to "A Country Practice" that I can join?


Why, yes, yes there are. There is an ACP mailing list at Onelist, where you can send emails to and receive emails from other ACP fans. It was created by Jodie Darlington and you can join it by going to Onelist at http://www.onelist.com/subscribe/acp. There is also a forum/chat room set up for ACP fans at Delphi. You can access this forum by clicking on the "Staff Lounge" button wherever you see it.


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