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Wandin Valley Hospital Centenary poster

Graphical representation of the centenary posterGraphical representation of the centenary poster

At the beginning and end of the final episodes of the "original" series (#1057 and 1058 -- "Burning Bright"), a poster of photos from the show was shown. The poster contained 30 photographs but not all were shown in closeup. I have a very small television so it is difficult to see the details of the photos that were not shown.

If you have this episode on tape and can help me determine what the other photos were, please
email me with the photo number from the graphic to the right and a description of the people and/or events depicted in the photo. If you want to correct any of the descriptions here, let me know that as well. :-)

Note: The above graphical representation of the poster is only approximate and is provided simply to number the photos and give their approximate sizes and shapes. I hope to have a handful of them (or similar ones) uploaded within the next few weeks but if anyone has the ep on tape and has captured any of the pictures from the actual poster, please let me know.

1.   Terence Elliott and Marta Kurtesz in front of the hospital
2.   Simon Bowen and Terence
3.   Molly Jones with Doris the pig (and a glass of beer!)
5.   Brendan Jones, Simon Bowen, and Terence Elliott at Simon and Vicky's wedding
6.   Simon and Vicky's wedding portrait
7.   Judy Loveday, Brendan Jones, and Maggie Sloan
8.   Cris and Jessie with Sketty the cow
9.   Cathy Hayden, Jessie Kouros, Cris Kouros, and Terence
10. Terence, Donna Manning, and Peter Manning in hospital (w/ Peter as a patient)
11. Cris Kouros and Ann Brennan
12. Luke Ross in his uniform
13. Jo Loveday and Michael Langley
14. Sue Daley (????)
15. Alex Fraser
16. Shirley and Frank Gilroy with Fatso the wombat
17. Maggie Sloan on the day she was naturalized
18. Matt Tyler and Lucy Gardiner
19. Matt and Lucy after the birth of their baby, James
20. Matt Tyler and Cookie Locke with a cockatoo on his shoulder
21. Bob Hatfield and Maggie Sloan
22. Portrait of Shirley Gilroy in a chair
25. Rosemary in uniform
28. Terence and Rosemary's wedding kiss
29. Rosemary Prior, Kate Bryant, Hugo Strzelecki, and Lucy Gardiner in hospital corridor
30. Terence and Esme with Ruby the pig

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