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  ACP Around the World  
To see CURRENT schedules for Canada click here.
  The following descriptions are of PAST broadcasts of "A Country Practice" from around the world. If you can help provide details of when, what channel, etc. ACP was aired in any other countries, please email me and let me know. If your country is not listed and you've watched ACP there, please email me the details and I'll add it.
  Australia: The Original Broadcasts
TV station: Channel Seven
# of unique airings per week: 2
---- Nov 18/81 to Dec 31/81 (#1 to 14) -- Wed & Thurs
---- Jan 5/82 to Nov 12/86 (#15 to 444) -- Tues & Wed
---- Jan 19/87 to Nov/93 (#445 to 1058) -- Mon & Tues
Length of each aired episode: one hour
Time of broadcast: 19:30 (?)

TV station: ASN (Maritimes only)
# of unique airings per week: 4 (Mon - Thu?, repeated Sat & Sun)
Length of each aired episode: one hour (2hrs each on Sat & Sun)
Time of broadcast: 13:00?
Shown from 1991 to 1994 (#1 to early 700's)

TV station: TVA (Ontario's french-language public tv station)
# of unique airings per week: unknown
Length of each aired episode: unknown
Time of broadcast: unknown
Shown in 80's under title "A Coeur Ouvert"

TV station: ITV
# of unique airings per week: Depends on the region...some aired 5 episodes or parts of episodes per week, others only aired 1 or 2
Length of each aired episode: Up until the early 90's, ITV aired 1 hour episodes (and were several years behind the original airdates). After that (from ~1989 episodes onward) they aired 1/2 hour partial episodes instead (though some regions still aired hour long eps for a time).
Time of broadcast: The time varied from region to region.
Shown from ~1982 to 1998 (possibly 1999)
[thanks to Graham for these detaills]

Other places ACP has been shown:
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Sri Lanka
USA (??)

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