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Dr. Victoria Dean

Vicky was the daughter of Shirley Dean and her ex-husband Jack. Vicky was born and raised in Wandin Valley. She went to Sydney to study veterinary science and then set up practice in her father's old vet surgery off the kitchen of Shirley's house. She had always idolized her father, who had gone to Sydney to take up a post at Sydney University. He was patronizing and chauvinistic, never believing that a woman could be his equal. Vicky didn't realize this until he came for a visit and it drive the two apart. He returned to the city and didn't even show up for her wedding.

She was very practical and sensible, in most respects. She didn't like her mother's relationship with Frank Gilroy at first but gradually came to accept it. At one time, she had a crush on Terence Elliott but that went absolutely nowhere (I don't even think he realized how she felt), though at one time, on a platonic trip of some kind to Magnolia Vale, he ended up in a tree with fierce dogs barking below while she spent the night in a motel room. Her best friend was Molly Jones and she often stopped by the Jones farm to chat or complain.

Dr. Simon Bowen had strong feelings for Vicky almost from the start but she wouldn't have anything to do with him romantically, though they were good friends (they were even platonic roommates at one point, sharing a two-bedroom flat). She finally agreed to go on a date with him but that date was doomed -- they came across a cow stuck in mud in a dam and Vicky convinced Simon to help her move it. They had to strip down to their skivvies and get right into the muck.

When Simon's mother was hurt in a car crash and he rushed to Sydney to be with her, Vicky followed him and began to realize that she actually had very deep feelings for him as well. She still wouldn't admit it to him and he decided to force her hand by pretending to move away to Sydney for good. He made sure that she knew the route he was taking out of town and faked a break down at the side of the road. Sure enough, Vicky came chasing after him in her ute and their fate was sealed. They were married in October 1983. Vicky was pregnant with twins when Molly got sick (and later died)...Vicky felt guilty because she was alive with such joy ahead of her and Molly's future was so dark. The twins were born rather unexpectedly in a barn in August 1985 while Vicky was looking at some cattle with her locum vet George Prentiss. Jo Loveday, who was with her horse Taffy nearby, ran to get Brendan and he arrived in time to deliver Charlotte. Simon arrived in time to help deliver Tom.

Vicky accepted an offer to study in North Carolina and moved there with the twins in October 1985. Simon finalized everything back in Australia and joined her in February 1986. He and Brendan missed Simon's going away party because they were locked in the morgue.

  small picture of Penny Cook The role of Vicky Dean
was played by
Penny Cook

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