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Dr. Terence Stephen Elliott

Terence was the senior doctor in Wandin Valley when the series first started. He first came to the Valley some time after his oldest (?) son, David, died of misdiagnosed appendicitis (which burst and led to peritonitis) at the age 7 (Terence thought he was just whinging) -- he had spiraled into the depths of alcoholism when he was unable to save him. He left his wife, Rowena, and remaining son (C. K.) and daughter (Sophie) and moved to the country to become the junior partner of old Dr. Clarke.

Terence's children visited him at various points, as did Rowena (they almost got back together). The last visit from Sophie came after she had spent a few years wandering the world as a news correspondent. She had a drug problem and was diagnosed with full-blown AIDS while in Wandin Valley (she already knew she was HIV-positive). She eventually died in Wandin Valley of a drug overdose, sending Terence back into drinking for a time.

He was a keen artist and at one time had his own vineyard. He used to live in the flat over the Clinic but moved into Camelot when Ben sold it (Cris and Jessie used to live with him until they moved to Melbourne). He inherited Doris, the pig, from Ben...when she died, Harry Morrison presented him with a piglet that Terence named Ruby. At one point, he suffered a heart attack. Over the years, he had flings with various women, including an engagement to Matron Marta Kurtesz, but he didn't remarry until he met Dr. Alex Fraser. Their marriage was great until the premature birth and subsequent death of their first and only baby, Laura, shortly after which Alex went to work temporarily in an aboriginal settlement in the Northern Territory. Terence toyed with the idea of moving up there with her but ultimately decided that his place was in Wandin Valley. Alex loved her new job and decided to stay in the settlement permanently. So, despite the fact that they still desperately loved one another, they ended up divorced.

Terence also had a relationship with local physio therapist Linda Shelley but that ended when he was less than welcoming to her daughter, who was suffering from porphyria. His next big relationship was a long drawn out one with Rosemary Prior. They tried to keep it hush hush but did a lousy job of it as most people knew there was something between them. He tried to break it off when he discovered that he had Post Polio Syndrome but eventually came to his senses. He wanted to marry Rosemary but she was happy with the way things were. They made a pact to get married if they survived the fire that destroyed the hospital and much of the valley in November 1993. Their wedding took place at the Lodge about a month after the fire was put out and was officiated by Bernice.

He was allergic to horses, cats, bull ants, and cheese.

Birthdate: September 2, 1942-ish (Virgo)

  small photo of Shane Porteous The role of Terence Elliott
was played by
Shane Porteous

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