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Tom Newman

Tom and Anna's wedding portraitTom was Frank's replacement as the new police Sargeant in Wandin Valley. He had originally arrived with his wife, Allison, but she returned to Sydney after her miscarriage because she wanted a career, not a family. This devastated Tom because he wanted a family more than anything because his own childhood was so bad. His father died in Vietnam when Tom was young and his mother put him into foster care and never returned for him. His childhood was horrible and included sexual abuse in a foster home he was in. He had a very strong character, though, and the abuse and neglect just made him more determined not to let it happen to another child. He even changed his surname from Lamb to Newman (as in "new man"). Tom's mother showed up in the Valley -- she was a political figure and showed herself as truly self-centred when she again sacrificed Tom's needs and desires for her own gain.

Anna and BillyHe developed an interest in Anna Lacey and developed a genuine fondness for her nephew Billy. Over the months, she grew to be fond of him as well. He had a tough time working up the courage to ask her to marry him -- he ended up proposing rather offhandedly in the middle of the road and she answered yes just as casually. Neither one really paid attention to the connotations of that conversation and they started to drive away in opposite directions before both realized what had just happened. They were married on Christmas Eve, with Bernice presiding over the full wedding. Unfortunately, Bernice's celebrant license hadn't been approved yet and Tom and Anna were forced to get married a second time on Christmas Day, with only the Reverend Michaels, Hugo, and Billy in attendance. They discovered that they dare not risk having any children of their own because Anna was a carrier of a form of muscular dystrophy that affects only boys. Both of them were upset by the news. In late 1993, Anna accidentally got pregnant but thankfully the baby was a girl, who would be a carrier like Anna but would not be afflicted with the disease.

Birthdate: March 1963 (Pisces)

  The role of Tom Newman
was played by
Jon Concannon


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