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Stephanie Brennan

Steve was about 18 when her father Snow died in March 1990, leaving her to run their farm by herself. She is very self-sufficient and capable. She was not happy when she learned that her father had left half the farm to a sister (i.e. Ann) she had hardly ever seen (and didn't particularly like). Over time, they grew to love and like each other. Steve virtually ran the farm single-handedly (though she did get a helping hand every now and then). Steve once won a Miss Sheep Shearer contest and started on a very brief singing career (brief as in over almost before it started) that ended when the demands of the farm got too great (and Cookie became too annoying as her self-appointed manager). Her only non-working animal was her cat Lionel (and a cow her sister fell in love with later on).

She instantly disliked Luke Ross when she first met him, thinking him a young kid (he is about a year younger than she is). But he gradually grew on her. They became very close friends and were on their way to being more when Steve was killed in July 1991. Luke had convinced her to plant a crop of potatoes to raise the money so that could take a trip to Greece with Ann and Cris. She had decided to take one last horse ride before her surprise going away party. She died when her horse, Ricky, was accidentally shot by neighbouring farmer Dave Watson (Dave was trying to fire a warning shot at a gypsy girl who was shooting rabbits near his land and didn't realize Steve was there). Steve fell from Ricky, broke her neck, and died virtually instantly -- the last image of her was of her hand twitching for a few moments.

  small photo of Sophie Heathcote The role of Steve Brennan
was played by
Sophie Heathcote

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