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Simon Bowen

Simon came from an affluent Sydney family, the son of Robert Bowen, a leading gastroenterologist. Robert helped his son buy into a general practice after his graduation and his mother, Aileen, bought him a lovely little sports car. His brother John was a St. Guy's Hospital in London and his brother Nicholas was a postgrad studies at Harvard University. Much was expected of young Dr. Bowen and this showed through in his cocky attitude.

He arrived in Wandin Valley at the start of the series (in fact, the series began when he got there) fully expecting to wow the townsfolk and resident doctor. He was rather surprised to find that the senior partner in his new practice, Dr. Terence Elliott, was in fact a highly skilled surgeon. Simon's medical passion was tropical medicine and always hoped to make a career in that specialized field.

He was a fan of Doctor Who, was very neat and clean, and loved his little sports car. He had a pet wombat named Fatso whom he acquired after he hit the poor little thing with his car -- Simon tried several times to release Fatso back into the wild but the wombat knew when he was onto a good thing and refused to stay in the wild. His best friend was Brendan Jones.

Simon had strong feelings for Vicky Dean, the local vet, almost from the start but she wouldn't have anything to do with him romantically, though they were good friends (they were even platonic roommates at one point, sharing a two-bedroom flat). When Simon's mother was hurt in a car crash and he rushed to Sydney to be with her, Vicky (who was in the city for a weekend conference) met up with him and began to realize that she actually had very deep feelings for him as well. She still wouldn't admit it to him and he decided to force her hand by pretending to move away to Sydney for good. He made sure that she knew the route he was taking out of town and faked a break down at the side of the road. Sure enough, Vicky came chasing after him in her ute and their fate was sealed. They were married in October 1983. Their twins, Tom and Charlotte, were born rather unexpectedly in a barn in August 1985.

Vicky accepted an offer to study in North Carolina and moved there with the twins in October 1985. Simon finalized everything back in Australia and joined her in February 1986. He and Brendan missed Simon's going away party because they were locked in the morgue.

  small photo of Grant Dodwell The role of Simon Bowen
was played by
Grant Dodwell

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