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Rosemary Prior

Matron Rosemary PriorRosemary was Ann Brennan's replacement as the new Director of Nursing at Wandin Valley Hospital. She had previously worked for 3 years in Africa (in Eritria) with her opthalmologist husband, Allan. Allan died in Eritria in late July or early August of 1990 (approx. 6 months before Rosemary arrived in Wandin Valley) -- he survived a landmine explosion only to be shot while on his way to safety by a terrified 13-year-old Eritrian boy. Rosemary had two children, a son named Robert and a daughter named Jenny, neither of whom really forgave her for leaving them to traipse around Africa with their father. Robert visited her a couple of times, where his struggles with schizophrenia wreaked havoc on Rosemary and the town.

Rosemary was very capable and a bit gruff (kind of like Matron Sloan) and was very concerned about wasting things that were in short supply in Africa (water, out-of-date medical supplies, etc.). She got off to a rocky start with just about everyone because of this concern, especially Terence. Ultimately, she and Terence developed a close and wonderful relationship, though they went to great trouble to hide these feelings from everyone else. Esme discovered a pair of underwear under the coffee table at Camelot after she returned home from a trip and took it upon herself to be the keeper of their secret, much to their relief. Terence was eager to marry Rosemary but she wanted to leave things the way they were.

She's very good at snooker and can pull a mean pint. She's a stickler for proper grammar, much to Frank's distress and disgust. When Bernice started taking a liking to Terence, a rocky relationship developed between Bernice and Rosemary, fueled by Bernice's joy for causing trouble. When fire threatened the town and Terence and Rosemary were trapped in the doomed hospital in November 1993, they agreed to get married if they got out safely. They did get out and about a month after the fire, they were married in the Lodge (presumably the church burned down). Rosemary requested a female celebrant and was shocked to find Bernice waiting at the altar to marry them.

The role of Rosemary Prior
was played by
Maureen Edwards

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