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Peter Manning

Peter was born in Wandin Valley and grew up with Judy Loveday. He had 5 siblings. When he and his sister Donna were still teens, their family moved to Sydney after their father, Len, was laid off from the Magnolia Vale sawmill.

Peter became a teacher in inner city Sydney. It was a tough and frustrating job so he decided to became a teacher at Burrigan High. He moved in with Ben Green at Camelot. His sister, Donna, came to Wandin Valley later on and moved in with them. He loved country music, much to the distress of his housemates, and was fairly mild-mannered, if a little moody. He was struck once by a serious case of appendicitis (coincidentally at the same time as my niece) and was hospitalized for a time.

Peter thought it would be less disillusioning to teach in the country but he was wrong. He tried to allow the kids at Burrigan High to read a book of their choice but was blocked by the parents and school board when they chose "Puberty Blues". He was engaged at the time to Dr. Alex Fraser and she was not pleased when he quit his teaching position over the censorship issue and became a labourer on Cathy Hayden's farm. Their engagement broke over it. He later decided to return to teaching but not in the Valley -- he moved to Victoria in June 1987.

  small photo of Mark Owen-Taylor The role of Peter Manning
was played by
Mark Owen-Taylor

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