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Percy Hudson

Perce Hudson was an old farmer. His wife died sometime during the last half of the 1980's. His daughter, Bernice, had taken off with a young man, Sean Thomas, many years ago and was living as a hippie for the past few decades. Perce never really forgave her for not turning out better, especially when she failed to turn up for his wife's funeral.

Totally against Perce's wishes, his granddaughter, Darcy, came to live with him in November 1991 and Bernice showed up a few months later, in April 1992. He grew to enjoy having them there, though he tried hard not to show it. In late 1992, he and Esme Watson began to cultivate a special friendship, though Esme was careful to ensure that her name was never associated with anything unseemly.

  The role of Perce Hudson
was played by
Allan Penney

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