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Margaret Georgina Sloan

Matron Maggie SloanMaggie Sloan was born in England. Her brother was killed when their house in London was firebombed during the Blitz -- Maggie, her sister Josie, and her mother were safe outside of the city, a fact which haunted Maggie all of her life. They grew up near Stratford and Maggie trained as a nurse. She met and married John Sloan, an intern, in England and later worked with him in Vietnam.

After she emigrated to Australia, she obtained her Australian nursing qualifications, enabling her to work there. Prior to moving to Wandin Valley, she was Hilda Arrowsmith's superior in a city hospital. The tables were turned, however, when Hilda obtained the coveted position as Matron of Burrigan Base Hospital and Maggie became Matron of the smaller Wandin Valley Bush Nursing Hospital. Their animosity extended beyond the walls of the hospital and they frequently competed against each other in events like lawn bowls and darts.

Maggie was very gruff and bossy and ran the hospital with an iron hand. She was a softie at heart, though. Everyone was afraid of her at first but grew to love her. She loved all manner of gambling, including a good game of poker and the horses. She was also a mean hand at darts. She once suffered a heart attack after a fire at the hospital and was knifed in the neck by a violent patient. She became an Australian citizen in 1989.

She was good friends with Bob Hatfield and sometimes it seemed as if they might get together (but they didn't). She became emotionally involved with Russell Griffin, who was injured in a motorcycle accident and regained consciousness with her help. She took him home with her only to find out that he was a Roman Catholic priest. She left the hospital to travel the world with fellow horse fancier and former horse breeder Lachlan Morrison. Their going away party was held in the morgue, with plenty of champagne flowing and a roulette wheel to get things going. Frank Gilroy, as local cop, could not know about this illegal gambling going on so he secretly showed up at the party very poorly disguised as an Italian man who kept putting the moves on Shirley.

  small photo of Joan Sydney The role of Maggie Sloan
was played by
Joan Sydney

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