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Michael Langley

Michael was born and raised on Bribie Island in Queensland, the youngest of 3 children. His father was a fisherman there and his mother was a nurse at Redcliffe Hospital. was a young nurse at the hospital. His two older sisters were both married. Michael went into the nursing profession partly because of the poor job outlook for fishermen in this day and age and partly because nursing was the only profession that suited his academic qualifications and yet still provided the chance to travel. He made a very capable and caring nurse, though his casual and light hearted manner annoyed those in authority.

He was 21 years old when he came to Wandin Valley in September 1987 from a nursing agency in Orange. He never meant to stay very long but got so involved with the community that he changed his mind. Jo Loveday, while learning to drive, knocked him off his motorcycle and fell in love instantly. The feelings weren't returned, not for a long time, mostly because of the age difference -- at the time, Jo was only 17 years old and still very much a child -- in spite of Jo's maneuvering.

Several years later, Michael was seriously injured and almost died in another motorcycle accident and Jo , who was working as a nurse's aide at the time, rushed to his side. This is when their relationship really began to take off. They got into a bit of hot water (especially with Shirley for some reason) because Jo was still relatively young and Michael was in his 20's but eventually everyone came around. They got married (on a day frought with disasters, as is usual on "A Country Practice") in March 1989 and moved away to Armidale.

  small photo of Brett Climo The role of Michael Langley
was played by
Brett Climo

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