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Kate Bryant

Kate BryantKate Bryant was a nurse. Ann Brennan was her supervisor in Melbourne (after Ann left Wandin Valley) and, according to Ann, she could have had her pick of jobs but chose Wandin Valley. Her previous job was in the Oncology ward at Alfred Hospital in Melbourne -- she left after her niece, Sasha, died of leukemia there. Kate also has leukemia but is in remission after a bone marrow transplant. She has two brothers, Phillip and Dave ("Big Dave" is a professional golfer and was her bone marrow donor) and one sister, Leanne (Sasha's mother), who lives in Melbourne. She later discovered that she also has a half sister, Julie (from a brief affair her father had shortly before Kate was born). Her father, Des, was a jockey and her mother, Liz, used to be a top model. She wanted to be a jockey herself when she was younger but had to give that up when she started growing tall. She was a good golfer and was very athletic. She had a horse named Lightning, who died of a bowel obstruction in May 1992. She later bought a dancing horse named Mr. Kelly (named after Gene Kelly, of course).

She was afraid of putting herself on the line in a relationship because of her leukemia. She finally reached the point where she felt safe declaring her love for Dr. Harry Morrison and he knocked her back (because he thought she was just feeling sorry for him). At that point she became twice as leery about entering into a serious relationship. She used to share a flat with Luke and Hugo and then with just Hugo, where she and Hugo often got into arguments over her slobbiness. After Shirley Gilroy's death and after Harry got Kate and Hugo evicted, she and Hugo moved in with Frank. After she was injured in a fall, she and Harry decided to quit playing around and admitted how they feel. They decided to move in together and bought the property opposite Anna's, which they named Eden. Kate got her acupuncture license and opened a part-time clinic in their house. Harry had a tough time accepting her alternative medicine choice, being the rather conservative medico that he was.

Much to Esme's horror, they did not get married until May 1993, after Kate got an opportunity to study Chinese Medicine in China and Harry agreed to go with her. On their way out of town, Harry swerved to miss an oncoming car and they crashed off the road. Kate sustained a life threatening head injury, Harry seriously injured his wrist, and their passenger, Jules, was paralyzed. While Kate and Harry both recovered, Harry felt responsible for Jules' injuries and he translated that feeling into love. He was all set to leave Kate for Jules when Jules dumped him. He realized then how stupid he'd been and how much he really loved Kate and Kate took him back.

Kate discovered she was allergic to dogs after she tried to force Harry to accept a small dog she'd bought.

Birthdate: July (cuspal Cancer or Leo)

  small photo of Michelle Pettigrove The role of Kate Bryant
was played by
Michelle Pettigrove

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