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Josephine Loveday

Jo Loveday was born in Queensland. After her mother deserted the family when Jo was 3 years old, Jo travelled around with her shearer father. When she reached adolescence, her father sent her to stay with her grandmother, Edna Loveday, in Dubbo. They didn't get along and Jo ran away to see her cousin Judy in Wandin Valley. Judy sent her to stay with her Auntie Gwen in Sydney for awhile. When Jo came back for her holidays, she decided to stay with Judy.

She attended Burrigan High School where her best friend was Sandy Crosby. She loved to ride her horse Taffy and had a rather smelly dog named Charlie. She did a shampoo ad for Japan, won the "Dolly All Australian Look" competition, and did a magazine photo spread in Sydney. She worked at one point as a nursing assistant at the hospital, where she frequently mooned over Michael.

After Judy moved away, Jo moved in with the Gilroys. She worked part time for Bob Hatfield as well as in a milk bar while she was in school and she loved to ride horses. She moved into her own flat while still in high school but could barely make ends meet so she moved back in with the Gilroys. Jo, though a few years younger than him, developed a huge crush on Michael Langley and he eventually realized that he was in love with her as well. They got into a bit of hot water because Jo was still in high school and Michael was in his 20's but eventually everyone came around. She and Michael got married in March 1989 and moved away to Armidale.

Birthday: early (May/June?) 1970

  small photo of Josephine Mitchell The role of Jo Loveday
was played by
Josephine Mitchell

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