Jessica Kouros

Born in ??
First episode: ??
Last episode: 812 (03/91)

small photo of Georgina Fisher*The role of Jessica Kouros was played by Georgina Fisher

Jessie was the only daughter of Dr. Cris Kouros and his late wife Angela. Her mother died in a freak waterskiing accident and Jessie was sent to stay with her grandparents for awhile. When her father relocated to Wandin Valley, he sent for her to join him (she was 8 years old at the time).

She objected to most of the women her father dated and took it upon herself to hook him up with Ann Brennan by telling Cris she wanted a quiet dinner with him for her birthday and inviting Ann to join them (without telling Cris). She left Wandin Valley with her father and Ann.

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