Hugo Strzelecki

Raised in Cobourg, NSW
First episode: 885 (01/92)
Last episode:

small photo of Gavin Harrison*The role of Hugo Strzelecki was played by Gavin Harrison

Hugo was raised in Cobourg, NSW, the only child of Polish family. His father, Antec, was a pastry cook with his own shop.

Hugo rode through the Valley on his racing bike, on his way to pick fruit to raise some money. Darcy ran him off the road during a driving lesson and he injured his knee. He told everyone lies about where he came from -- that his father had won the Tour de France and that his parents were both dead. He dreamed of winning the Tour himself. Once his knee healed, he decided to stay in the Valley. He worked as an orderly at the hospital, then as Matt's vet assistant, and finally with Frank at the RSL club (where he also was a pastry cook). He also looked after the Lodge after Luke left.

He shared a flat with Kate Bryant (used to share it with Luke as well until Luke went to Melbourne for Air Force training) but went to live with Frank Gilroy after Harry got them evicted. He was about 18 years old when he first arrived in the Valley and is very athletic (and a little brash and tactless). He was stricken with Guillain-BarrZ Syndrome and recuperated at Rainbow Farm, where he and Bernice constantly cooked up get rich schemes (someone had to take Bob and Cookie's place!!).

He had strong feelings for Darcy, which she didn't return. They remained friends, even though he said he wouldn't settle for that. He bought some property in the bush where he periodically camped and dreamed of what he would build and grow. He eventually left the Valley with Christine, a young woman with cancer, to go to Melbourne where she was undergoing treatment.

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