Harold Archer Morrison

Born in Texas, Qld
First episode: 817 (04/91)
Last episode: 1058 (11/93)

Birthday: April 1965 (Taurus or Aries)

small photo of Andrew Blackman*The role of Harry Morrison was played by Andrew Blackman

Harry was raised in Texas, Queensland, youngest of six children (5 sons and 1 daughter) of a stock and station agent. He trained at Newcastle University and arrived in Wandin Valley in April 1991 to finish what he thought was his last locum position before heading into the field of plastic surgery (where all the money and glory was). His experiences in Wandin Valley, especially his first delivery, changed his mind and he eventually sought and obtained a full partnership in Terence's practice.

He arrived in town in a beat up old VW combi van he called "Old Nelly" (later he bought an old beat up station wagon-like car) and he was constantly on the lookout for ways to make money (betting, etc.) because he was always broke. He played golf and snooker. He tended to put his foot into his mouth because he always spoke without thinking first. He lived at Steve's farm until he discovered she had a thing for him. Then he moved in with Terence at Camelot.

He fell in love with Kate Bryant when he first saw her on the golf course in May 1991 but she refused to go out with him. They had a very frustrating, on-again-off-again relationship. They got together at one point, after a young patient of Harry's died, and were deliriously happy but Harry misunderstood Kate's motives and broke it off (and in the process broke Kate's heart). It was obvious to everyone else that they still adored each other but neither would admit it. After Kate's accident in July 1992, they both came to their senses and made their feelings for each other known. They decided to move in together in September 1992, on a property that they christened Eden, opposite Anna Lacey's home.

Much to Esme's horror, they did not get married until May 1993, after Kate got an opportunity to study in China and Harry agreed to go with her. On their way out of town, Harry swerved to miss an oncoming car and they crashed off the road. Kate sustained a life threatening head injury, Harry seriously injured his wrist, and their passenger, Jules, was paralyzed. While Kate and Harry both recovered, Harry felt responsible for Jules' injuries and he translated that feeling into love. He was all set to leave Kate for Jules when Jules dumped him. He realized then how stupid he'd been and how much he really loved Kate and Kate took him back.

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