Francis Albert Gilroy

Born in Wandin Valley
First episode: 1 (11/81)
Last episode: 1058 (11/93)

Birthday: August/September, 1932 (Virgo with Libra rising)

small photo of Brian Wenzel*The role of Frank Gilroy was played by Brian Wenzel

Frank Gilroy was born and raised in Wandin Valley. He became the local cop when his father, Joe, retired from the same position. He was first married to to Alma and together they had two children, Kevin and Lorraine. In 1982, some time after Alma died, Frank began courting Shirley Dean. She resisted her feelings for him at first but eventually gave in and they were married in March 1982. He moved into Shirley's house and transplanted his roses into her yard. He kept Alma's ashes in an urn on the mantelpiece until Shirley forced him to scatter them on the roses.

Frank is a fabulous chef and keen rose gardener in his spare time and has a particular fondness for operas and musicals, especially Gilbert and Sullivan. He is also learning to speak Italian. He was a conventional man, completely opposite to Shirley in temperament and interests yet they still fit perfectly together. He wasn't keen on Luke when Luke first arrived in the Valley, because of Luke's history of delinquency, but they eventually grew quite fond of one another. Frank has a tendency to most often call Luke by his real name, Julian.

When Simon and Vicky moved to the States, Frank and Shirley inherited Simon's wombat, Fatso. Frank retired in 1992 and became the manager of the Wandin Valley RSL club. Shirley died in June 1992, when the chartered plane she was on went down in a storm while enroute from Burrigan to Brisbane. Frank was devastated. He held onto her ashes for some time before finally spreading them on his roses. In her honour, he took a trip to India where he met a Japanese woman who visited him briefly. He also developed a relationship with a local woman who eventually lost her hearing.

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