Donna Manning

Born in Wandin Valley
First episode: 405 (07/86)
Last episode: 505 (08/87)

small photo of Caroline Johansson*The role of Donna Manning was played by Caroline Johansson

Donna was born in Wandin Valley and grew up with Judy Loveday. She had 5 siblings. When she was still a teen, their family moved to Sydney after their father, Len, was laid off from the Magnolia Vale sawmill.

She returned to the Valley in August 1986 when she was 23, following in the footsteps of her brother Peter who had returned in June. She worked as a nurse at the hospital and lodged at Camelot, where she grew fond of Ben's animals. She liked to drive a sporty little car, listen to Rock and Roll music (especially the band "The Vermin"), and had a pot plant she called Roy. She was very bright and bubbly and had a small crush on Ben. Knowing that Ben really liked Mozart, she planned a big party in honour of Mozart's birthday. On her way home with the cake, her car was involved in a three-way collision with a half-asleep Dan Richards and a drunken Ron Kelly -- Donna was killed after being thrown through the car windshield.

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