Darcy Hudson

Born in Nimbin, NSW
First episode: 875 (11/91)
Last episode: 1058 (11/93)

small photo of Kym Wilson*The role of Darcy Hudson was played by Kym Wilson

Darcy was born ca. 1974 in Nimbin, NSW, and was the granddaughter of farmer Perce Hudson (her mother is Perce's 39-year-old "hippie" daughter, Bernice, and her father is Sean Thomas, the man Bernice ran away with in the early 70's ). She lived at Perce's farm, much to his annoyance at first. She had one sibling, a younger sister named Amber, who was killed in June 1992 in a car accident. She was a keen amateur astronomer, like Perce, and she was Shirley's replacement as receptionist at the Clinic. She was very environmentally conscious. She and Luke were seriously involved until Luke joined the Air Force. After that she pretty much launched herself at anything young, male, and single. Hugo fell in love with her but she couldn't return the feelings -- she thought of him as just a friend.

Once Anna Lacey came to the Valley as the new vet, Darcy became Anna's veterinary assistant. She battled with alcoholism after her sister's death and eventually decided to go to University via distance education to study science while still working with Anna.

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