Dr. Cris Kouros

Born in Melbourne (?)
First episode: 643 (04/89)
Last episode: 812 (03/91)

Birthday: July

small photo of Michael Muntz*The role of Cris Kouros was played by Michael Muntz

Cris came to Wandin Valley to take Alex's place as doctor at the Clinic and hospital. Initially, he was just a locum but after Alex made her decision to remain up north, Terence offered him a share in the practice. He likes to incorporate "alternative" healing into his treatments -- herbs, stress reduction, meditation, organic foods, etc. He tried his hand at running for Council with Shirley but was derailed after a smear campaign by Councillor Muldoon. He has been trying to teach Lucyhow to play piano.

He came from Melbourne. His first wife, Angela, had died years earlier in a freak water skiing accident and his daughter Jessie had been temporarily raised by her grandparents. He has several siblings, including sister Stephanie. He is of Greek descent and came from Melbourne. His Australian-born mother, Claire, died of cancer while he was in Wandin Valley and his Greek-born father, Theo, is currently being cared for by Stephanie in Melbourne. He fell in love with Ann Brennan (with a little help from Jessie) and, after his reputation was tarnished by the suicide of a dying cancer patient, Cris, Ann, and Jessie moved back to Melbourne to be with his family and start over.

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