Recurring Characters

Alf Muldoon - A sleazy, corrupt member of the Council. He was often at odds with just about everyone else in the Valley over environmental, governmental, and just about ever other kind of issue. Molly and Shirley in particular were often waging battles against him. Shirley and Cris ran against him in the last election but only managed to get one seat on the council (which didn't break Muldoon's hold, just weakened it a very little bit). He often made council deals that directly benefited him financially but the townsfolk (usually led by Molly, Shirley, or Lucy) usually changed his plans by fighting. Shirley, with the help of the townsfolk, finally managed to catch Muldoon in deep trouble after he arranged to burn down the club to aid one of his shady deals. Last we heard of him, he was under arrest and likely to be there for some time.

Bert Griffiths - Old codger. He had a dog named Carpenter. Unbeknownst to either of them, he was the biological father of Esme Watson [The role of Bert Griffiths was played by Ted Howell]

Bev Little-- Former manual telephone exchange operator. Town gossip, and piano player. Her face is NEVER seen and her hand is rarely seen without a pint in it. When the new exchange was installed in town, she was out of a job. Frank hired her as a taxi driver for patrons of the club.

Cecil Dunbar --

Claire Bonacci -- nurse at the hospital in the last days before the big bush fire in 1993. [The role of Claire Bonacci was played by Claudia Black, who reprised the role in the failed Channel 10 version of "A Country Practice"]

Dave Watson --

Douglas Briggs -- Member of Parliament for Wandin Valley and father of Miriam Briggs. Very much the politician. [The role of MP Briggs was played by Noel Trevarthen]

Headley Johnson -- Young boy who owned a pet ferret.

Hilda Arrowsmith -- Matron at Burrigan Base Hospital. Very bossy and often in league with Muldoon. She was constantly at odds with Maggie Sloan and they frequently battled each other over whose hospital was better. Hilda was always threatening to close down or take over the Wandin Valley Bush Hospital and the town had to pull together to thwart her.

Hymie Zimmerman -- Elderly patient of the Wandin Valley Bush Nursing Hospital. Was constantly losing his dentures.

Ian McIntyre -- Trevor Jackson's replacement as ranger in Gullungai National Park in the last days before the big bush fire in 1993. [The role of Ian McIntyre was played by Paul Gleeson, who reprised the role in the failed Channel 10 version of "A Country Practice"]

Lennie Sawyer -- Farmer.

Linda Shelley -- Physical therapist who briefly had an affair with Terence. It ended when her grown daughter, who was suffering from porphyria, arrived and put a damper on Terence's enthusiasm. She later lost her hand in a car accident. [The role of Linda Shelley was played by Joy Miller]

Killer Burke -- Frank's boss.

Miriam Briggs-- The daughter of the Valley's M. P., she was Luke's girlfriend in several episodes. Her father hated Luke because of where he came from (i.e. the streets) and kept trying to break them up. She was going to be a pilot and Luke, at the time, wanted to be an engineer and was going to design planes for her. She went away for a while and when she returned, Luke had developed a crush on Steve Brennan. She and Luke went water skiing during her visit and she hit an obstruction in the water (a stick, I think). She was paralyzed from the neck down and had to go to Sydney for treatment. She never blamed Luke but everyone else did.

Sandra Williams -- Nurse at the hospital

"Shorty" Price -- Bookie. Cookie's favorite one. Based in Burrigan, I believe.

Sue Daley -- nurse at the hospital. Was temporary matron at one point. Was good friends with Judy Loveday. [The role of Sue Daley was played by Bernadette Hayes]

Ted Campbell -- Farmer. Very cutthroat in his business dealings. [The role of Ted Campbell was played by Vincent Ball]

Tiger Kelly -- local "bad boy". Always getting into trouble and usually involving Cookie and/or Bob at some point. Was back in jail but now is apparently out again.

Trevor Jackson -- Gullungai Park Ranger. [The role of Trevor Jackson was played by Michael Watson]

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