Animal Characters

Alice -- One of Matt's and Lucy's angora goats

Annatomic -- Tom Newman's racehorse (got accidentally "in the family way" by Harry's horse, Keith, much to Tom's disgust). She was named "Annatomic" as a playful combination of Tom's and Anna's first names.

Bernie -- Ben Green's St. Bernard

Beryl -- A chook (chicken) owned by Molly; One of "the girls".

Bruce -- Rhode Island Red rooster won by Esme in a raffle and given to Donna.

Caruso -- Cookie's canary

Cassandra -- a cow owned by Molly and Brendan; ultimately a part of "Molly's Farmland"

Charlie -- Jo Loveday's dog

Cuddles -- snake -- BIG snake. A diamond-head python. These types of snakes are quite harmless to humans and are often kept in houses (in the country) as vermin catchers. Ben took care of it at Camelot and Terence took over care of it when he moved into Camelot.

Dog -- female dog that used to belong to Lucy and Matt, until Lucy was diagnosed with an allergy to dogs. Was under the loving care of Luke Ross until he joined the Air Force and is now looked after by Darcy.

Donavan -- goat owned by Molly and Brendan

Doris -- a pig with a serious alcohol problem. Molly and Brendan inherited her when they bought their first farm in Wandin Valley. She lived with Ben (and then Terence) at Camelot until her death.

Fatso -- a wombat. Originally "belonged" to Simon Bowen but Shirley and Frank took him in when Simon and Vicky moved to the U. S.

(The) General -- Marta Kurtesz's retired racehorse; caught bronchial pneumonia and died

George Gershwin -- Billy Moss's puppy. Originally found by Darcy but named and claimed by Billy when Darcy brought George to Anna for treatment (the so-called "Tyler Curse" strikes again!)

Georgia -- Ann Brennan's "pet" cow

Gertrude -- One of Matt's and Lucy's angora goats

Gladys -- A chook (chicken) owned by Molly. One of "the girls"

Gloria -- One of Lucy's chooks

Hamlet -- Simon and Vicky's great dane

Henry -- Molly's rooster

Jewels -- a diamond python who lived in Molly and Brendan's chimney

Jip -- Jack Hayden's dog

Kane -- Ian McIntyre's dog

Keith -- Harry's horse

Lightning -- horse, was under the care of Kate Bryant (who bought her on behalf of Lynette Cooper, a young girl undergoing a kidney transplant in Sydney). Lightning died of a bowel obstruction in May 1992.

Lionel -- Steve's neutered male cat

Lovey -- Esme's bird

Mae -- One of Lucy's chooks

Margo -- One of Molly's chooks (has a funny eye)

Max -- Tom Newman's neutered male cat

Mighty -- A mouse adopted by Alex Fraser

Mr. Kelly -- Kate's new horse (replacement for Lightning). Used to be with a circus and was named for dancer Gene Kelly because he's a dancing horse.

Nugget -- Cathy's horse; was shot by an angry duck hunter

Patrick -- Hedley Johnson's pet ferret

Peter -- A pony; ultimately part of "Molly's Farmland"

Pinkie -- Penny Richards' male lamb

Pippa -- Cathy Hayden's horse (after Nugget)

Rhett -- Lucy's pet rooster. Had a strange affection for Scarlett, the race horse.

Ricky -- Steve's horse

Rosie -- One of Molly's chooks

Ruby -- One of Molly's chooks (has a limp)

Ruby -- Terence's second pig, a gift from Harry who got her as a piglet from a patient after Doris died

Samantha -- One of Molly's chooks

Scarlett -- Racehorse once owned by Maggie Sloan, then owned by Cookie and a syndicate made up of various townsfolk. Had a strange affection for Rhett, the rooster.

Simone -- An axolotl; won by Rosemary Prior in a raffle. Resided in the matron's office at the hospital until her untimely illness and subsequent euthenasia in Rosemary's freezer.

Sketty -- A cow living at Camelot

Snowy -- Another of Penny's lambs

Spike -- Alex's echidna

Taffy -- Jo's female horse

Taleulah -- One of Lucy's chooks

Uno -- Esme Watson's cat (sometimes spelled U-Know)

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