Bernice Hudson

Born in Wandin Valley
First episode: 911 (04/92)
Last episode:

small photo of Judith McGrath*The role of Bernice Hudson was played by Judith McGrath

Bernice was the "hippie" daughter of farmer Perce Hudson. She had left home with beau Sean Thomas in the 70's. They never married but set up house in Nimbin, where she gave birth to daughers Darcy Hudson (ca 1973) and Amber Thomas (ca 1976). She ran off and left the girls with Sean after the death of their third child, Bobby, shortly after his birth in the early 80's.

She travelled all over the world (to places such as India, Nepal, and Bolivia) and met a variety of men with whom she carried on ill-fated love affairs. She returned periodically to visit the girls but those visits were few and far between and Darcy harboured bad feelings for her for many years because of it. She didn't even return for her mother's funeral and Perce had a great deal of trouble forgiving her for that. She returned to Wandin Valley after her latest relationship, with Krishna Brown, failed in April 1992 and decided to stay. She set about turning the Hudson farm in a bed and breakfast she had named "Rainbow Farm", much to Perce's disgust. Always in the midst of financial difficulties, she was ever on the lookout for a new way to make money -- she usually failed.

Bernice was very much a free spirit and into alternative things -- meditation, herbs, etc. -- even going so far as to choose an herbal treatment for her gall stones rather than undergoing surgery. She generally wore brightly coloured, loose fitting cotton clothing (an updated hippie look that I for one really liked). She began working as the receptionist at the Clinic after Darcy got a job as Anna Lacey's vet assistant. She was instantly attracted to Terence and took every opportunity to get close to him (much to Rosemary's disgust) including performing a belly dance for his birthday party in September 1992.

Her daughter Amber showed up in May 1992, on her way to Sydney with her boyfriend. Bernice and Darcy temporarily fell out over Bernice allowing Amber to go. Amber, unfortunately, was killed in a car accident just as they left the Valley. Sean came to the Valley to bring all three of his girls home to Nimbin for the funeral.

Bernice decided to become a Justice of the Peace so that she could perform wedding ceremonies as part of a huge wedding getaway package she had planned to bring tourists to Rainbow Farm. She managed to arrange to be the celebrant at Tom and Anna's wedding on Christmas Eve 1992 but didn't realize until after the fact that her license hadn't come through yet and the wedding wasn't legal. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in mid-1993 and had decided, against the advice of both doctors and friends, not to have surgery -- she was going to go to India to try some kind of alternative healing. Darcy called Sean to tell him and when he arrived in Wandin Valley, he, Perce, and Darcy managed between them to finally convince her to have the surgery which was a success. Sean asked her to come back to Nimbin with him, that he'd never stopped loving her and she agreed at the last minute (the last second, actually).

She returned, at Terence's request and quite unknown until the last minute to Rosemary, to be the celebrant for Terence and Rosemary's wedding in November 1993.

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