Robert Menzies Hatfield

Born in Wandin Valley
First episode: 4 (11/81)
Last episode as a regular cast member: 898 (03/92)

small photo of Gordon Piper*The role of Bob Hatfield was played by Gordon Piper

Bob was a big, strapping fella and was Wandin Valley's plumber (owner of the Wandin Valley Pump Company which seems to specialize in septic field repairs!) and all-around handyman. His wife of 30+ years, Daisy, died of pancreatic cancer in 1983 and his children (2 sons and 2 daughters, including Doreen) live elsewhere. His brother, Artie, lives in Newcastle.

He was a local boy, born and bred in Wandin Valley. He left school at the age of 12 after his father died. He worked on local farms to support the family and was then offered an apprenticeship. He enlisted during World War II but was too late to do any overseas service and was in Sydney at the end of the war. He was a frequent visitor to the hospital because of his haemophylia (a blood clotting disorder) and his penchant for getting caught up in bar room brawls.

He was best friends with Cookie Locke, with whom he got into a lot of trouble. After Daisy's death, Cookie moved in with Bob (which in the beginning was a kind of "Odd Couple" situation, with Bob being the clean one and Cookie being the slob). Bob was constantly getting caught up in Cookie's get rich schemes, which almost always failed miserably. He was very fond of footie and beer and was the head of the local Bush Fire Brigade, among other things.

Bob retired when he turned 60 -- Cookie managed to parlay Bob's $2500 pension into $125,000 so the two of them decided to travel. They ended up in Darwin, where Bob did pretty good for himself, getting a job with a tour company and a girlfriend named Luella. They returned in April 1992 because Cookie was ill and homesick and wanted to be "home". Bob decided to buy the Magnolia Vale Pub for them both to run. Right up to the end of the series, they were occasionally spoken of but rarely, if ever, seen again (much like Bev Little).
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