Born: August 2 (probably in early 1960's) in Brisbane, Qld.
Height: 6'2" (188cm)

He's a highly skilled horse rider/jumper and showed (shows?) Appaloosa horses in his spare time. He plays the guitar (as demonstrated on ACP), sings fairly well, juggles, plays cricket, and golfs (a bit of trivia: he apparently couldn't golf very well when he first started on ACP and required a stand-in for tricky golf shots).

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Andrew was hired to play Harry Morrison on "A Country Practice" two months after he graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA).

Andrew Blackman (photo courtesy of Noel Baxendale -- do not borrow)TELEVISION:

  • 1999: Warrick Janssen on "Blue Heelers" (ep 253 "Be Prepared", aired Nov 24/99) [the following description is exerpted from the Channel Seven web site]
    "...Jack finds Gary Scully dangling in a net up a tree on the Janssen property, the victim of a crude but effective man trap and saves him...The Heelers talk to the Janssens about the mantrap and learn the family has been zealous in their Y2K preparations. The family expects the worst case scenario and has secured their property like a fortress and stored ample provisions should they need to isolate themselves from a community starved of essential services. The Janssens do their best to persuade Tom that their survivalist approach to the century's end is no more unreasonable than the measures taken by emergency services. Their assurances fool no one however when the Janssen's son reacts violently to Jack's attempts to study his threatening pocket knife. Tom worries that the town is working itself into a state of panic when a local tries to register an antique gun to protect himself, a collector's machine gun is stolen and Gary Scully becomes a target for stray bullets while wandering near the Janssen's property. Ben goes out to check on the Janssen family but is bailed up by the mother when she learns the Heelers have contacted the welfare services about their children. One of the children escapes as the situation escalates out of control and the Heelers arrive to find the family armed and ready to protect its own at all costs..." [thanks to Bree for letting me know about this appearance]
  • 1999: Mike Healy on "Neighbours" (eps 3146 to 3276) - Mike Healy was a divorced lecturer at Erinsborough University. He became Libby Kennedy's boyfriend until she found out he was still seeing his ex-wife (who became pregnant with his second child).
  • 1997: Det. Sergeant David Hubbard "State Coroner" (eps 1.9/1.10, "Conflict of Interest") *
  • 1996: Stephen Audrey on "Halifax f.p.: Cradle and All"
  • 1996: Joel Willis (a rodeo rider) on "Blue Heelers" (3rd season, ep 100/101 "A Fair Crack of the Whip")
  • 1996: Mace on "State Coroner"
  • 1995: James Forster on "Law of the Land"
  • 1994: Pony Tail on "FEDS - Suspects"
  • 1994: Dr. Harry Morrison on "A Country Practice" (second series, on Channel 10)
  • 1991 to 1993: Dr. Harry Morrison on "A Country Practice" (original series, eps 817 to 1058)


  • 1996: Roo in "Kidstakes" (with MTC -- the Melbourne Theatre Company)
  • 1996: Macduff in "Macbeth" (with the Grin and Tonic Theatre Group)
  • 1996: Jackie/Brother Basher in "Over the Top with Jim" (with the Brisbane International Festival Trust)
  • 1995: Kipps in "The Woman in Black" (with Vic Arts)


  • 1987: Detective John Mainsbridge in "Frenchman's Farm" [plot summary from IMDB -- "An Australian woman's car breaks down in the country, and when she goes to get help, she's whisked back in time to 1944 and witnesses a murder. Returning to her car, time reverts to normal, but unable to convince anyone of her story, she investigates the crime herself."] Andrew's character was a detective investigating the woman's interest in the old murder case. The movie itself was typical 80's B-movie type stuff but watchable.


  • Gore Tex (Sweden) -- A couple are driving in the outback and come across a kangaroo lying down, possibly hurt or even dead. The man (Andrew) gets out and puts his coat around the 'roo while his wife takes nice little touristy snapshhots of him. It starts to rain so they race back to the 4WD (as the kangaroo jumps up and runs off as well). That's when they discover that they don't have the keys...which are in his coat pocket...which is still on the kangaroo and very quickly heading out of sight. Very cute ad (and maybe two words of English dialogue max).

  • Daewoo (Australia) -- In this commercial, Andrew played a blind man who, with his trusty guide dog (played by none other than Kane, the blue heeler who was Ian McIntyre's dog in the second ACP series) finds a car near a pier or dock. He gets into the car, instructing the dog to bark once for left and twice for right. He then proceeds to drive erratically around the dock, swerving appropriately whenever the dog barks his instructions. All of sudden you hear three barks from the dog, followed by Andrew's voice saying "Three barks?! You never said anything about three barks" and a splash. Very cute ad as well. It's shown periodically on those "best commercials in the world" compilation TV shows.

Andrew Blackman -- click to see larger image Andrew Blackman Andrew Blackman

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